Oh, So Bright

It was time for first graders’ wellness lunch, and I so looked forward to those weekly events. I joined them in a circle of desks—some lunches in bags from home and some on school trays.  Each of us explained how our particular lunch fulfilled the goal of containing all four food groups.  (This was before the food pyramid!)

In the circle of energy-filled and hungry students sat Albert, who was 6 or 7 going on at least 30-years-of age.  He was a constant challenge and delight to his teacher who arranged opportunities to expand his curriculum—such as sending him to the sixth grade class for computer instruction.

When it was Albert’s turn to dissect his lunch, he sat up straight and held out each item as he spoke:

“Well, first you can all see I have this peanut butter sandwich. I hope you remember peanut butter comes from the meat or protein group.  And, the bread, of course, is from the bread group. You see here my pear—it is from the fruit and vegetable group, of course.”

He paused and then continued, “Now—I suppose you are all asking yourselves, ‘where is his milk group?’ Well, I don’t have the milk group because I am allergic to milk.”

Albert paused again, leaned forward, looked at me down the circle and said, “Nurse Flemr, I am sure you will pleased to know I had my two calcium tablets this morning.”

Published by Susan Flemr

Retired former nurse and former Lutheran pastor. Happily living with her husband of 53 years in Des Moines Iowa. Two married sons and their beautiful families in Nichols, IA and Colorado Springs, CO.

6 thoughts on “Oh, So Bright

  1. Oh, Sue! Yes, we had so many wonderful children at PLS. I am not sure who Albert was, but I remember the situation. Please tell me and I will respond to your asking if I knew where he is now.

    Some of them are easy to locate as they are on Facebook or Instagram, and also other classmates know where they are. One of the things Jo Duea, Barb Lounsberry and I are planning to do as part of our PLS History Website project is find a key person in each class and have them let us know where the rest are. This would have been really good to have this year because we can not have the traditional Reunion Picnic because Sturgis Falls was cancelled.

    I worked all week end on an Ode to my Father for Father’s Day. If you have time and are interested, I will send it to you. I was surprised how it just flowed once I got started. It is a rough draft and of course I have already thought of another part I can add.

    We were allowed to go back to the dining room starting Tuesday. We went in shifts and had only two at a table, limited menu, no frills, all kinds of rules, etc. But, it turns out one of the kitchen staff in the building across the way tested positive and had been in contact with other workers, so they have shut it all down again and will be delivering our food to our rooms. I am O.K. with this as now I don’t have to get dressed up and put on make-up and so forth. I keep in contact with the people I eat with by phone so it isn’t like I missed them terribly.

    Take care, stay well, and keep writing.


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  2. Thank you, Judy. Great that you gals are working on the project. I sent you a private message with the student’s name. I would love to see your writing about your Dad. How nice!


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