I know some of my readers are old enough to remember the Loretta Young television show which aired between 1953 until 1961. That show presented all kinds of drama, some of which Loretta starred in herself. If you don’t remember it, you might want to search for the episodes on You Tube.  They are there, and guaranteed to bring some chuckles.  Our televisions were quite new household items then—with fuzzy pictures, wobbling musical scores, and black and white overly dramatic acting.  

Loretta Young became known for her famous entrances each week.  The double doors opened, anticipatory music played as she swooped through the doors in her flowing dresses—with confidence and stage presence—to greet each and every viewer.

Well, as I thought about Eleanor’s story to share today, I thought about Loretta’s memorable entrances. Eleanor however, provided a memorable EXIT—for me, her classroom teacher, and her friends.

That early afternoon I visited with the Pre-school/Kindergarten teacher at a corner table in the darkened classroom, as twenty-some children napped around us. The teacher and I glanced up when Eleanor’s father appeared at the open doorway.  He waved and the teacher moved to awaken Eleanor who glanced at her father, folded up her rug, retrieved her jacket, and walked to the doorway. Her father turned to leave but Eleanor turned instead toward the darkened classroom. She tossed her head and dark hair back as she swung around and did her best Loretta Young wave. Then she blew kisses in all directions as she loudly proclaimed, “Good-bye class!  I am sorry I am going to have to leave you now!  You see, I have to go to the dentist today.” Then she slowly turned and was on her way.

I remember the confidence that poured out of that four-year-old.  She knew she would be missed!  Her friends were important to her and she was sure she was important to them.  

Perhaps you remember Eleanor from my very first story.  As a first grader she told me “You have quite a business going in her, Nurse Flemr” as she glanced around my busy health office. She also made an offer to help me as I was trying to separate male and female hamsters!  Yes, Eleanor had the self-confidence—accompanied by kindness—that we would all aspire to.

And so, I close this series of blogs from the Malcolm Price Laboratory School and Northern University High School Health Office.  I thank each of you for reading these blogs and for your communication with me during this endeavor. For well over 30 years I wanted to revisit the happenings contained on many scraps of paper and always in my heart. I have enjoyed this so much.

I especially thank the teachers, aides, administrators and parents who welcomed me into classrooms and entrusted their precious children to this School Nurse.  

I turn now, wave my best Loretta (and Eleanor) wave….and blow kisses to each of you!  Happy day!

Published by Susan Flemr

Retired former nurse and former Lutheran pastor. Happily living with her husband of 53 years in Des Moines Iowa. Two married sons and their beautiful families in Nichols, IA and Colorado Springs, CO.

10 thoughts on “Closure

  1. Loved, loved, loved all your stories, Sue! Perhaps you could blog about your years at AEA and your adventures as the in-house bat catcher! Still brings a smile to my face❤️

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