I was sorry to say, “No, you can’t.”

It was time for my introductory session on human reproduction with the 4th graders. At this grade level I met with the boys and girls separately, to reduce the inevitable embarrassment as puberty and bodily changes were discussed. On this particular day I presented to the girls the entire topic of menstruation. They were quiteContinue reading “I was sorry to say, “No, you can’t.””

LIFE RETURNS . . . “from a 14-year-old “kid,” . . .”

My father was dying. I returned to work after an out-of-state trip to assist my mother with his care. There was no doubt in my mind that I had made the last visit before his death. I moved forward into the day, numb in spirit. While hanging up my jacket I spotted a note clippedContinue reading “LIFE RETURNS . . . “from a 14-year-old “kid,” . . .””

“Now, take a breath. . .”

Ah!  On that day I happily anticipated a wellness class with the first graders.  I would address a favorite topic and share the technique of abdominal breathing for total relaxation. This would occur during their rest time which followed lunch and recess. Picture this with me—a slightly darkened classroom where I stood amidst twenty someContinue reading ““Now, take a breath. . .””