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I Must Write These Stories

I read procrastination is often due to an overriding fear of not being able to do a task well enough. Composition of what I consider to be meaningful stories is often put off by this fear, I believe.  There are funny, poignant, deeply theological and philosophical, and potentially moving stories I am eager to share.  I have spoken these stories in talks or sermons to all ages and entertained friends in both casual and serious conversation while telling them.   

What is it that happens to me when I sit down to write these stories?  Do I fear critique?  Is someone better schooled in grammar going to grimace when seeing my errors.  Am I too exposed as I put these stories down in black and white? After all, in speaking the stories, the words fly by amidst laughter and tears…grammar is rarely that severely botched that I would be criticized.

The fear of critique might be part of this procrastination. But, what else might cause the “butterflies in the tummy” fear as I begin to write? Revealing the personalities, the joys and struggles of the characters in my stories is a serious responsibility.  These stories are “sacred” because they disclose precious lives with serious concerns of children expressing their feelings. Though I hope they bring you genuine laughter… and perhaps some tears. These are not to be handled with careless verbiage. They reveal the many ways in which my life has been touched and changed by these happenings. 

With respect I share the stories from the Health Office in the Malcolm Price Laboratory School at the University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA, during the years 1978-1988.  In concern for privacy, I have changed the names of the students, their families, and any faculty or administration involved.  But, I can “see” each person and the way in which he or she added richness to my life as their School Nurse.

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