The Yellow Sweater

If you’ve ever taught an excited group of young children, you will understand the dilemma. Your lesson plan is moving along nicely, however, interruptions from the raised hands of kids with comments and questions are coming frequently. Should you tell the kids, “No more hands until I finish up here”—thereby dampening their enthusiasm—or face the needContinue reading “The Yellow Sweater”

Three Brief Encounters with Embarrassed Boys

High school boys seldom frequented the health office. When they did come in it was usually with an immediate need and some embarrassment. The school day was over and the hallway outside the health office quieted. As I finished up paper work, a high school freshman, with tousled hair and desperate expression came through theContinue reading “Three Brief Encounters with Embarrassed Boys”

“ . . . for Scott . . .”

His diagnosis saddened the entire school. A third grade boy had a medical disorder which would require chemotherapy.  After a period of time he was able to return to his classroom, with many safety precautions in place due to his lowered immunity. I completed sessions with his classmates on proper hand washing before his returnContinue reading ““ . . . for Scott . . .””